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Validated Learning

Validated learning entails gathering data to prove an idea before proceed to the next step. For a digital product, starting with a minimum viable product is a great -and most of the time the only- way for validated learning.

Value vs. Effort

Value vs. effort is a popular and effective method for prioritization approach in product development. It's also very intuitive. You estimate the value and effort for each feature, the features are then placed in a value vs effort matrix, and the ones on the sweet spot are prioritized.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality (VR) is a virtual experience that simulates reality. VR technologies deliver the experience via 3D high quality audio and visuals. The experience is only possible through spessific devices called VR sets, glasses, lens, and more.


VOC stands for the voice of the customer. It is one of the main concerns in user-centered design and development. VOC basically refers to user feedback and includes understanding the expectations, needs, and pain points of end-users.