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UI is the user interface, which allows users to interact with a system. The most important thing for a UI designer is to make the user's interaction with the system convenient, without any misunderstanding and mistakes. There must be concise prompts, messages, and icons to help users operate the interface.


Usability is a UX and UI term to express how usable a product is. It’s important to differentiate usability from the ease of use. Usability includes learnability, efficiency, memorability, errors, and satisfaction.

User Flow

User flows are critical to the design process. They represent the desired flow of a user through a site and are used to protect against overly complex interfaces, at the very minimum. They are the fastest way of visualizing users’ processes and understanding their needs.

User Journey Map

User journey maps are a visual representation of how the user interacts with the design from the designer's point of view. The designer may become so engrossed in his job that he loses sight of his ultimate goal: to assist consumers with their requirements. It enables him to describe the defects, how they may be improved, and what could be done to correct them. It promotes the notion that interactivity is an important aspect of design.

User Research

User research is a research focused on understanding users of a product, market or problem. It includes different methods and data gathering ways to develop empathy with users.


USP stands for unique selling propositions; which explains why someone buys your product or service instead of competitors. A unique selling proposition can be something digital or something that should be expressed well in digital. Both ways, it’s important to understand the unique selling proposition of something for digital product efforts.


UX refers to user experience. User experience focuses on the user's perception of the system while UI mostly focuses on aesthetic elements of a product or system. User experiences are designed by UX designers with the aim of easiness, efficiency, usability, and so on.