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Scaleups, can be defined as a growed startup. Yet, not necessarily. These are businesses that have grown more than 20% each year in terms of employee numbers during the last 3 financial years. Scaleups are continually looking to expand into new areas and have scalable business models. The most notable difference between a startup and a scaleup is the sense of certainty in the return on investment (ROI).


Scrollytelling is a technique that benefits from scrolling behavior to tell long-form stories. The word is generated by mixing scrolling and storytelling. Changes in elements are triggered by user behavior in this framework. Every component is connected to the others or scrolling behavior.


Scrum is a framework for iterative and incremental product development that is based on the step-by-step refinement of an annual plan, created using iterations that last between one and four weeks. This method focuses on creating adaptability within your team so they can react to change while still following the general plan.


A server in computing is a computer, device, or application that is dedicated to managing network resources. They are named as "server" since their job is serving another computer, device, or application. The other computer, devise or app is known as a client to whom they give functionality.


A sitemap is a file that provides information on the pages, videos, and other assets on your site, as well as the relationships between them. Sitemaps can also include information such as when a page was last updated, how frequently the page is edited, and how relevant the page is.

Social Media Engagement Rate

The term "social media engagement rate" is often used to describe the average number of interactions (likes, comments, shares etc.) received for every 100 views on a post. In other words, it's a percentage score that measures how engaged is your social media content.

Soft Launch

Soft launch is a way to launch a product to real users without marketing, growth hacking or other expanding ways. Soft launch provides pre-launch data and insight which can used to fix problems or improve product before the real launch.


Spam is any type of undesired, uninvited digital communication that is transmitted in large quantities. Spam messages frequently delivered by email, but it can also be delivered via text messages, phone calls, or social media. Spam can also be referred to as junk email or electronic spam. Actually, spam is a sort of meat; the term spamming originated from a journalist's experience at a café where the server explained the menu by repeating "spam" too many times.


Sprints are used by scrum teams to keep track of progress on a project. Sprint planning is a critical step along the way to delivering better products through agile, and it's one that informs every other part of the process. At the end of each sprint, the team should be able to show that they've made significant progress.

Startup As A Service

Startup as a service is an umbrella term for services that help startups manage their business processes. The service may be used for anything a startup might need, from idea testing to creating a fundraising roadmap or building an MVP.


How frequently consumers return to your product and take action is referred to as a product's stickiness. Stickiness is what keeps them logging in, coming back, and telling their friends. All these proactive users result in improved retention rates, increased sales, and eventually a stronger brand image.


A storyboard is a graphic or drawen version of a project that divides the action into sections. It can be for a movie, video, animation, comics, and more. It consists of a series of arranged drawings with perspective, speech, or other relevant information. It illustrates how a video will play out, shot by shot.