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Page Views

A pageview (or pageview hit, page tracking hit) is the behavior of loading (or reloading) a page in a browser. The total number of pages viewed is defined as pageviews. It is a widely used metric in web analytics and digital product analytics.

Perception of Value

Perception of value explains customer satisfaction with a product or service. It mostly depends on expectations, affordance, and aesthetics. A product's perceived value is an estimation of the value that customers suppose they are obtaining.


Persona is the visual and detailed presentation of a product’s or service’s target audiences or users. By creating personas, we are able to understand whom we are building, designing, writing, and developing for. From UX design to marketing, personas are important for all of us.


Pivot is a major change made within the products core features or value proposition to find a better product-market fit. When a product is pivoted, it means the product has changed drastically after launch based on the feedback received from users and other stakeholders. Unlike physical products, digital products are available to update after launch. So a pivot is an important aspect in digital product development to reach a product market fit.


The term pixel is derived from the word pix (from photographs) and the word el (for element). A pixel is commonly regarded as the tiniest single component of a computer image.

Pre-Launch Signups

Pre launch signups is the number of people who signed up for your new product, service or event before it is launched. This can be a great way to estimate the success of your product or service.

Product Requirement Document (PRD)

Product requirement document, aka PRD, is the ultimate document includes all neccessary information about a product or a specific release of it. The main focus is creating a self explanatory document. A well written PRD makes a product live independent from it's creators and enables shareholders.


Prototypes are early examples of what you’re designing or building. They are created for getting feedback from the customer to ensure you two are on the same page about the product.