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Landing Page

A landing page is the page users see first after clicking a link. Landing pages can be used for an ad that aims to increase conversions, as well as to measure a product idea.

Lazy Loading

Lazy loading is an optimization strategy for online content, including websites and web applications. It helps in loading only the necessary piece and delaying the loading of the remaining content till the user needs it. Especially for mobile devices, it is very beneficial as the process is optimized for their small screen and limited bandwidth.


Lean is a methodology for product development. It aims to maximize efficiency by eliminating waste of all kinds. With the inspiration of Toyota’s production framework; developers and entrepreneurs built different approaches to different systems. They all basically stand on the idea of developing the best possible product with given sources.

Lean Startup Approach

Lean startup approach provides a set of tools and methods for both small and large teams, as well as R&D departments. The lean startup approach is coined by Eric Ries, the method aplies lean manufacturing principles to the new digital product development processes. He simply asked the question: "How to use lean manufacturing benefits if there is no product exist yet?". Thus, lean startup approach suggests an itterative way of working for all stages of new product development from idea to launch.

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