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Figma is a web-based design application that enables collaborative work. Since it is also a cloud-based tool, you may use it from anywhere and with nearly any browser or device. Because it is an online tool, you and your team may all join in and make changes to the same design at the same time.

Five Second Test

The Five-second test is a user research method. It is a simple test aimed to get new insights into a product’s usability. After participants took a look at the product for 5 seconds, they asked simple questions. It’s good for understanding the first impression of the design.

Flow Charts

A flowchart is an easy-to-understand, visually presented diagram depicting the overall process. You will find that a flowchart is often used in business, science, and information technology-related activities, but they are equally useful for administrative processes. A flowchart will be of great use to you if you are the kind of person who likes visual solutions to problems.

Front End

Front end is where users see in any type of digital product from computer programs to websites. Front-end web development, also known as client-side development, is the activity of creating HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for a website or Web Application so that a user can directly see and interact with them.