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AB Test

A/B tests are basically split tests with a control element and its variation. Almost everything measurable can be tested in a digital product, UI elements to call to action. It depends on the idea of measuring the performances of 2 variations to decide which one is better.


Agile is a software development methodology that focuses on communication and feedback throughout the development process. It also emphasizes working software over comprehensive documentation, and each iteration that a team makes to its product is seen as an opportunity to perfect it. Agile continues to grow in popularity, and its focus on communication with users directly benefits digital products.

Alt Text

Alt text stands for alternative text. It is a descriptive sentence to explain a visual since around 1995. Alt texts are important for the accessibility of the product before anything else, since they make screen readers explain a visual. They also have improvement potential for overall UX and SEO.


API means application programming interface, which makes different technologies communicate. API stands for an application programming interface. They make it possible to talk about different technologies to each other. An API allows the sharing of data or functions of a digital product with another digital product. They provide a clearly defined interface to enable various components of larger applications to work together, and they can reduce the amount of code that is required. In other words, they serve as bridges between your components, even if they were developed by different companies.